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Become a Skystone Agent today.

Are you looking to explore your true earning potential in the real estate industry? If so, we just might have the perfect opportunity for you.

Skystone Acquisitions is looking for select individuals with the drive and the dream to succeed in today’s booming investment real estate industry.

Earn an Excellent Income. Learn RE investing skills.

As a Skystone Agent, you’ll guide real estate investors in choosing properties, securing funding, reconditioning and remodeling, listing and closing, and maximizing their investment returns.

We’ll provide you with comprehensive training, mentorship and the tools you need to develop your talent and insight. You’ll be supported by industry-recognized experts who will help you excel as one of our valued Skystone Agents.

Qualities of Skystone Investment Real Estate Agents


Strong Work Ethic


Comfortable in a Sales Environment

Entrepreneurial Spirit

High Degree of Integrity

Open Position(s): 

Investment Real Estate Agent (Training Provided)

Buckhead, Atlanta


Description: Skystone agents are thoroughly trained in our unique real estate investment process, from how to value properties, how to manage rehabs, and how to list and close successfully. You’ll also learn the critical skill of communicating effectively with investors. These new skills combined with your enthusiasm and personality will enable you to direct your career and maximize your earnings potential.

“I have been at Skystone for just under a year. My time here has been invaluable in my career. Skystone provides fantastic training and hands-on learning, a high income potential, and a genuine work/life balance. The company is in a powerful growth phase with many opportunities to succeed. It can take some time to build your client base, but by working very hard in the beginning, you can set a great foundation for your success. These reasons, coupled with an immensely supportive office environment, are why I wish I would have joined the Skystone Acquisitions team sooner.”

Chris Mannella  |  Skystone, Atlanta

“Skystone is a great environment that is extremely competitive as well. You get what you put into the position as your work ethic directly correlates to how much money you make. We celebrate as a team when we hit the goals that we have set out to reach with a “work hard play hard” mentality. I would recommend this position to anyone who has a strong work ethic and is looking to learn the ins and outs of real estate from an amazing mentor.”

Mitch Kramer  |  Skystone, Atlanta

“Working at Skystone Acquisitions has been one of the best decisions that I have made in my young career. The training is very hands on and having a good work/life balance is encouraged.”

Adam Polokoff  |  Skystone, Atlanta

“Working at Skystone is one of the best gigs you could land. The people at Skystone are just downright awesome people to hang out with. The company culture is relaxed, yet very goal driven and focused. There are a lot of company outings and opportunities to get to know your colleagues well. One of the main things I find super attractive to this role is the fact that you get immediate exposure to all facets of real estate. From A-Z analyzing deals, marketing deals.”

Kalim Kalla  |  Skystone, Atlanta

“Skystone has a great work environment that allows you to manage your own time and gives you the tools to be successful. The senior positions make it feel like you’re working with them not for them, and constantly help you learn and grow.”

Stone Bettersworth  |  Skystone, Atlanta

“If you’re interested in the investment side of Real Estate, you should definitely apply. I have learned so much about Real Estate in general, as well as flipping properties in the metro Atlanta market. The path is carved out here perfectly, allowing so much room to grow and move higher up in the company. The experience, knowledge, and connections I have gained will soon lead me to doing flips myself. I have learned true sales experience and have been able to supply investors with great fitted deals at profitable margins. If you’re willing to grind, the results will come. No micromanaging, and no earning cap. All young blood in the office, hungry to earn.”

Tyler Uliss  |  Skystone, Atlanta

Real Estate Broker

“I was in sales for about 8-9 months and was promoted into the acquisitions role. I’ve been in acquisitions for ~2 years and love it. You learn how to truly value properties and rehab costs. I’ve since been able to flip 3 properties on my own and just purchased my first rental. On average, I make around 20k/month and they never cap commissions, so I’ve had months where I made in the 3’s and 4’s. Next step would be opening up my own office potentially, which is exciting. Jacob is a great leader and I love the culture of our office.”

Jade Bridges  |  Skystone, Atlanta

Real Estate Agent

“After graduating from college with an accounting degree from UGA, I chose to go a different path than most of my friends. While most were going to work for big corporate companies, I decided to get started in real estate. Working for Skystone Acquisitions has been an amazing experience! Unlike most real estate brokerages that treat you like a number, Skystone Acquisitions provides the training and system needed to truly create a successful real estate career for yourself. If you’ve ever had an interest in getting into real estate or you thrive in a fast-paced/competitive environment, Skystone Acquisitions would be the perfect place for you.”

Jacob Naviaux  |  Skystone, Atlanta

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