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Atlanta, Georgia skyline

Top Atlanta Neighborhoods for Profitable House Flipping

Atlanta has long attracted homebuyers to the area with its booming population, thriving job market and relatively affordable cost of living. This makes it a gold mine of opportunity for professional house flippers who know where to buy for the most profitable returns. 


In this blog, we’ll dive into what to look for when staking out your next investment property, including our top recommended Atlanta neighborhoods to flip based on market trends and location-specific offerings. 


Choosing a Neighborhood for House Flipping


New Developments 


Even the most attractive and carefully fixed-up home will be a hard sell if it’s in an unsuitable area. The most basic requirement for a “fix and flip” is the ability to buy low and sell high. Focus on up-and-coming neighborhoods that offer lower price points with substantial room for growth. Areas that are actively building momentum are a sweet spot for flippers ready for takeoff. 




Prospective home buyers will always ask themselves, “What’s in it for me?” when evaluating their options. Properties that enrich their quality of life will hold more weight in their decision process and increase your opportunity for an over-asking offer. Locations in proximity to essential facilities like hospitals, grocery stores, schools and public transportation are some of the basic amenities they’re looking for. Finding a neighborhood that goes a step above with restaurants, shopping centers and entertainment will further sweeten the deal.




The more amenities available within walking distance, the better!  Convenience is king and buyers of all demographics can appreciate a landscape that promotes an active lifestyle and opportunities to connect with neighbors. Features such as walking trails, community pools and parks are a big selling factor for single-family households, so try to choose a location that offers some greenspace to play.


3 Atlanta Neighborhoods With High Flipping Potential


Our savvy agents have years of experience seeking out Atlanta neighborhoods that check all the boxes and these three flourishing communities have significant flipping potential with plans to grow:


Old Fourth Ward 


Formerly known as one of Atlanta’s industrial hubs, this neighborhood is undergoing substantial redevelopment to boost residential living aimed at a younger, hipper population. The market offers substantial flipping opportunities with several outdated, empty properties up for grabs to strike while the pot is hot.




Located northeast of Atlanta is the fast-growing suburb of Decatur boasting a generous amount of public space that offers endless real estate possibilities. With extensive development already in progress, overall prices are expected to rise strongly in the coming years. Best adviceget in while the fixer-uppers are plentiful and the renovated comps are in your favor.



Adjacent to downtown with an ample amount of trendy shops, family-friendly venues and restaurant establishments, Buckhead provides the perfect blend of modern convenience and historic charm. Additionally, the neighborhood has many large, older houses that have the potential for large profit margins with a little TLC. 


We know a city of Atlanta’s size offers plenty more investment opportunities than just these three areas. Careful, expert monitoring of the metro’s real estate trends is key to identifying neighborhoods with lucrative opportunities, and Skystone’s expert agents are here to help you keep up to date.


Invest with Skystone


Let Skystone do the heavy lifting! Whether you’re looking for a complex remodel that yields a high return or a cosmetic update with a quick turnover, our team of agents can source the perfect properties that meet your budget and project scope needs. 

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